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This site is meant to provide a source of information about Controlled Bleeding. The band is aware of this site but it is not an official site.  I am very open to any corrections, additions or suggestions you might have. Feel free to link to this site and copy any information you wish.  When I created this site back in 1997, it was the first one (besides text only discographies).  There are now a few others – see the links page.

I will be adding track listings and timings as well as comments and even scans for each release. All the CD releases are available at good record stores (the WaxTrax stuff is not easy to find now). Most of the vinyl stuff is very hard to find (WaxTrax vinyl is pretty easy to find) and will be costly if you do find it ($15-$20 per LP for some). The early cassette stuff is the most difficult to track down.

Please Email me, John Dietrich, at jdietrich@nyc.rr.com

Controlled Bleeding can be contacted via US mail (include SASE or IRC) at:

54 Locust St.

Massapequa, NY 11758


E-mail Paul Lemos at p.lemos@att.net

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